Digital Storytellers


Technologies and creative services for shaping

multi-screen and real-world

interactive narrative engagement




 Converging Digital Divides

 Content Shaping across multiple screens.


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zyntroPICS connect Brands and Products with People through interactive stories.

We  develop a range of emerging technologies to get the job done.  We also rely on “old media” tools like paper and pencils.

We’re story-driven, interactive strategists with some very cool proprietary mobile technology.

We’ve lived in the world of Cross-Platform storytelling since 1995 (that’s not a typo).

Please visit our IMPRINTS to learn more about how we apply tools including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, mobile media, near field communication and media production to create memorable user experiences.

Our Producers have worked at or with some of the leading Brands and entertainment companies around the World, including:  Warner Bros., Mercedes Benz, Discovery Channel, NBCsports, Adidas, WB Network and many others.